Paediatric ECG of the Week

ECG Answer for ~ June 10th 2017

Sinus Rhythm with Ventricular Bigeminy. Sinus Rate 116/min. QRS axis:-30
PR: 110ms QRS: 70ms QT/QTc: 280/406
Left axis deviation
Imp: Abnormal ECG


Comment: Ventricular bigeminy: ventricular premature complexes alternating with sinus beats. Ventricular premature complexes: premature QRS without preceding p wave, QRS morphology different from sinus, QRS duration usually prolonged. Left axis deviation: QRS axis -30 (n +7-104)
VPC's may be benign occuring in 6-8% of normal children at this age <50 PVCS/24hr. In this boy they were more frequent, occuring in bigeminy and couplets (not shown on this tracing). On further investigation, he was found to have an underlying cardiomyopathy.

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