Paediatric ECG of the Week

ECG Answer for ~ July 1st 2017

Sinus Rhythm. Heart Rate 93/min. QRS axis:+95
PR: 165ms QRS: 90ms QT/QTc: 380/475
Marked RA enlargement
Increased posterior voltages
Prolonged QT/QTc
ST depression: inferolateral lead
Imp: Abnormal ECG

Comment: RAE: p wave lead 11 = 4mm (n<2.5mm); RVH: qR V1; Prolonged QTc: QTc = 475ms (n< 440); Abnormal repolarisation: ST depression and biphasic T wave to V4
This boy has a restrictive cardiomyopathy with dilated atria causing recurrent atrial flutter. His prolonged QTc is related to his treatment.

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